run your ad campaign on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain

What are we doing?

We are delivering your message along with 1111 satoshis directly to wallets [example of ad campaign]

Why memopay ad campaign?

  • directly contact BCH holders

  • easily track each contact via transactions

  • pay the same price for any keyword

  • store your message forever on the bitcoin blockchain

  • see your message in search results

  • pay cents - 10,000 satoshis ( ) per contact

How to run?

  • prepare your sharp message - we recommend 80 symbols (max. 200 symbols)

  • choose the date for the campaign

  • decide how many unique addresses to reach - from 10K to 100K

  • fill the form below with this info ­čá│, pay indicated fees, get confirmation from us and see your messages arriving to BCH holders on chosen day

How it looks like?

Thousands of unique Bitcoin Cash addresses receive 1111 satoshis with your message [40,000+ messages already delivered!]

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