Memopay - onchain advertising platform - ads for active cryptocurrency users
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The Bitcoin Ad Company

Reach out to Bitcoiners to introduce your product

memopay delivers your ad message directly to the wallets
of thousands of active Bitcoin Cash users


Cryptocurrency Audience
Cryptocurrency Audience Only

There are 17,584,088According to BitInfoCharts Bitcoin Cash addresses.


Each contact with Bitcoiners is recorded on the Blockchain and can be easily checked.

Keywords Agnostic
Keyword Agnostic

Pay the same price for any keyword you use.

Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing

In both Cost-per-click and Cost-per-mille campaigns you'll know exactly what the price is.

Everlasting Effect
Everlasting Effect

Your ad message with an active link will be stored on the Blockchain forever.

Happy Customers Pay Out
Respectful to people

We do not collect any personal data and reward people for their attention with Cryptocurrency.

CPC ad campaign dashboard
Cost-per-click icon
Cost-per-click (CPC)BETA ad campaign

Bitcoin Cash holders receive your ad message containing a link along with 1111 satoshis. You only pay when they click to visit your website.
Use CPC to drive traffic to your site or generate leads.

CPM ad campaign dashboard
Cost-per-mille icon
Cost-per-mille (CPM) ad campaign

Bitcoin Cash holders receive your ad message containing a link along with 1111 satoshis. You pay for each delivered message.
Use CPM to introduce your product to Bitcoiners and to drive awareness.

It’s easy to run an ad campaign with memopay
Choose ad model

Use CPC to drive traffic to your website and to pay for clicks only or CPM to drive awareness and pay for each delivered message.

Set up your ad

Fill out the request form. Make sure your ad message is sharp and attractive.

Make payment

Fund provided address with Bitcoin Cash to start your ad campaign.

Track results

Receive the link to your ad campaign’s dashboard to see the real-time progress of your campaign.

memopay is integrated with the major Block Explorers:
Bitcoin Cash Games logo

During its 90 days Cost-per-click ad campaign Bitcoin Cash Games (a service of got almost 900 leads from 81 countries. Company has sucessfully achieved its goal to increase amount of BCH games players.

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Bitcoin Cash Notes logo

Bitcoin Cash Notes ran a 3 days Cost-per-Click ad campaign. Company got 25 leads from 13+ countries and 80% additional visitors to their website after the ad campaign completion.

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CoinSpice logo

Message with a link to CoinSpice’s article was delivered to 1,000 Bitcoin Cash holders. This CPC ad campaign showed 2.5% click-through-rate (CTR) already after 24 hours.

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Cyberian Mine logo

Cyberian Mine ran CPM ad campaign aimed to drive awareness among potential clients. 10,000 ad messages were delivered and company saw 110% spike in organic and direct traffic to their website.

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