memopay FAQ for BCH holders

Q: I've received the transaction containing a message? Is it from memopay?

Messages sent by memopay should meet the following criteria:

1. It is readable (decoded) and contain an active link like that will take you to our trustfull partner's website;
2. It contains words like "Memopay message" or "Memopay transaction" or official memopay's prefix - 0x6d656d6f706179;
3. It is sent from one of memopay official addresses.

If the message you received meet all of these requirements it is official and trustfull memopay message. Otherwise we don't recommend you to click a link in it!

Q: Why did I receive the transaction from memopay?

Because of two reasons: first, it's time to go beyond that "advertising bubble" traditional media and social networks imposed on us, and, second, we believe that your attention is worth to get paid for!

And obviosly you are an active Bitcoin Cash user constantly making transactions within the network.
So make more transactions, get more messages with info about interesting products and services, and earn more BCH for your attention!

NB! If you have received a memopay transaction containing an ad message for any service / product that is prohibited or illegal in your country, please do not click a link! It is your responsibility to not visit a website of prohibited service / product.

Q: How to opt-out?

If you have received a message from one of memopay official addresses and want to opt-out:

just send any amount of satoshis (min. - dust - 546 satoshis) back to our address and we will exclude your address from our list.